About Us

Hello! I’m Nick, the human behind the homeware.

Being a passionate lover of colour, I consider it to be a superpower. I adore its ability to alter moods, metamorphose spaces, and evoke memories. In 2018, I faced the challenge of early stage breast cancer—a story too long to delve into here. Suffice it to say, it was an incredibly tough period that drained all the colour from my life. I am immensely grateful to now be happy and healthy again.

Colour kept me uplifted and became my therapy. While undergoing treatment, my husband and I embarked on a house renovation, creating a vibrant, open-plan space for kitchen, dining and living area.

Marie Kondo reposted our kitchen on her Instagram and crowned it officially joy sparking!

The yellow and orange you see on the website are the colours from our kitchen, proven happy hues. Having personally witnessed the healing potential of a colourful living environment, I decided to create a business that offers products dedicated to making homes and people happy.

At Interior Superior we don’t do boring and we don’t do dull. There is one house rule – bland is banned.

We collaborate with planet and human kind suppliers and give back where possible. The range is full of colourful and smile sparking products that get conversations started and people asking “Ooooh, where did you get that from?” Interior Superior is also the home of cool AF gifts for those hard to buy for people we all know and love. Read more about our sustainable practices here

Interior Superior is super proud to be a supporter of CoppaFeel!

CoppaFeel! is a UK charity ensuring breast cancer is diagnosed early. Earlier detection improves survival chances. You can find more information about this amazing charity and how to regularly check your chest here

Interior Superior has curated a fun CoppaFeel! product selection where 25% of all sales go to the charity. You can shop this range here 

I carefully select products based on their retro, colourful, kind, or fun credentials.

I personally own and treasure many items in the range, maybe too many according to my husband! I’m a bit of a potty mouth, you will find cheeky items that make you titter.

Being a huge fan of vintage and retro, I wanted to offer a pre-loved homeware section. Please understand that parting with these beauties is very difficult for me, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

I hope you love what you see from Interior Superior. Say hello, follow us on social media, and show your support for our brand-new business in these challenging times. The world feels like such a gloomy place right now, Interior Superior aims to provide some light relief to help you and your loved ones live life in full colour.

Nick 💛🧡