At Interior Superior we work with planet and human kind suppliers who share our values.

We aren’t perfect by any means and actively strive to make conscious choices by continually educating ourselves to improve. We meticulously select our partners, collaborating with those who embrace sustainable practices and ensure fair treatment of their employees.

Several of our suppliers such as Good Candles and Doing Goods donate to charity projects themselves or have social enterprises attached to their businesses to support and educate their workers.

We avoid purchasing non recyclable plastic postage supplies for order shipments.

Our cardboard packaging, paper tape, and flyers are all fully recyclable. Additionally, our packing pellets are biodegradable and dissolve in water. We repurpose plastic packaging, like bubble wrap and air pack void fillers, along with reusable cardboard boxes from suppliers for customer orders.

Interior Superior has partnered with Ecologi.

Ecologi is an environmental organisation facilitating collective actions and projects against climate change. With every Interior Superior order, we plant a tree in their responsible reforestation sites worldwide.

You can see our forest here We know it’s a small action from our side but from acorns mighty oaks grow! You can find out more information about Ecologi and the projects they lead here

If your Interior Superior item is replacing something else – please don’t chuck the old one.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Please consider donating to charity or getting a few quid to go towards your new purchase by selling on a marketplace like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. We are big fans of the sell to buy principle, it’s a good way to declutter and be more environmentally friendly – it’s fun too!

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